Trip Ends

Blog #14

On Tuesday we finished the workshop with ten people showing them the basics in drawing using multiple lines and other techniques. We had a good time and time went by fast. At noon we collected our stuff and went for lunch with Tom and Susan. They have become good friends and we are very relaxed with them.

After lunch Tom and I redid the loading of all the stuff in the Van and we returned to the apartment. We repacked the remaining stuff later that night and got word from Tom that they both would like to come along to bring us to the Airport in Calgary. That afternoon we also decided to take home a bowl as a remembering object of our last visit. We parked the loaded Van at Tom and Susan’s house for safety reasons.

Tom brought the van to the apartment and we did our last packing, got it all stowed in the Van and after a last stop at the gallery we were all on our way. Greta rode with Susan in their car and Tom was driving our van with me as the passenger. They know the roads better than we do. After parking we found an eating-place right across from the International arrival gate. We ate and waited; it was not a long wait. Paul joined us for lunch and together we returned to our cars and said our goodbyes and we were on our way to Medicine Hat, Alberta, located at the crossing of highway 3 and highway 1. That is where we stopped around 6 p.m. at a Comfort Inn.

On Thursday we crossed the border in the afternoon without any problems and we crossed just in time for the as was gone. Right after the boarding crossing there was a gas station, where we filled up with US prices. That night we stayed in Minot, North Dakota.

Now were on 52 till we come to I- 94. We will drive to Paul’s house in St. Paul and stay there tonight.

Friday morning we left early heading for Chicago where we arrived around 1:30 in the afternoon. Traffic was heave and we experienced several slowdowns but decided to head for home rather than stay another night in a motel. We got home at 7:15 and right away Paul and I unpacked the Van and put al of it in the studio.

We talked with Sonja again and they are doing all right, the most scary part was the possibility that the hurricane would come ashore right by them. But things looked brighter now that it has moved to the west side of the state. We spoke to her this afternoon and they have lost power, but have a generator, so we skyped them and they were all-in good spirits.

Well that is the last word about this very long trip

Thanks for all your prayers, support and interest, we vey much appreciate all your concerns and value your friendship.

Peace, Chris and Greta

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