Last Days in Banff

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It is Friday night here in Banff National Park of Canada. We had a long day today, although yesterday was a close second. There was some confusion about when it was time to leave and as a reslt we moved out on Thursday late afternoon. We were almost packed, and most of the supplies were ether in the Van or were about to be put in. The smaller paintings, about 5x7 ad up to 10x10 inches went into boxes and the larger works were taped. It was a bit of a struggle to get it all safely in, 22 paintings and 8 final drawings.

But we managed to get all the things packed and drove away from the studio around 9 that morning with good memories an valuable insights into the painting procees. We followed on Highway 3 till we came to the intersection of Alberta Highway of 22 and took 22 all the way to Federal Hihway 1, which crosses the entire country fom east to west. We both recalled the very fine bakery we had stopped at in Black Diament, but that is more than 20 years ago.

Now the pastries were just as good and the coffee was excellent as well. And somethings ought to stay the same. We drove on the Banff where we arrived around 1p.m.. We went for a quick lunch and started unloading the new paintings. Response was positief. Most if not all the new pantings will go on display in the gallery. The previous two large paintings were already hanging in prominent spot. We checked in with the list, shared the Prophet, Priest and King book withe poems of Martin Oordt and my woodcut- prints. Around 4 we left for our Motel, it sounden fancy but was high on promo and low on delivery. But we had a good nights rest and had somethng to eat with our coffee in the room. Now we go on and prepare for the drawing workshop next Monday and Tuesday and I intent to enjoy that. We will do basic drawing stuff.

Wednesday we will drive to Calgary airport and pick up Paul and after we connect with him start heading for home. Pray for safety and good trip home. Love and peace to you all.

For images see under stoffel

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