How to Sum Up

Blog #10

Sun Burning Off Fog, 30 x40 in

Foot Hills Near Lethbridge, 16x20 in

Cattle in the Fields, 24 x36 in.

Light on Foot Hills 24 x36 in

Purple Foot Hill, 24 x36 in

Time to Summarize…. Blog #10 August 26, 2017

How do you begin to put in perspective three weeks of intense working at one subject. It was the foot hills around here that provided the subject matter for me this time. I did that once before as a watercolor project and that worked out well. I was also interested on pushing the notion of light as kind of spiritual exploration. But how to go about that would be the challenge in any case, so we started this adventure.

The visit with Ken Hicken and his wife Alice earlier in the month was an important reminder, for we have worked together for a good amount of time. We know each other well enough to ask sensative quetions and this vsit was no exception. Ken is a committed and edicated composer and musician, so he is curious about the commitment of others. What was the question this time? How do you some up your career as an artist ? It did not take long before I answered: I have helped people look up. Now that answer need to be placed in the context of our family for my Mom was always looking up. Even in her final moment, before her heart stopped, she was looking up. When Dad asked wat are you looking at, she was gone. So looking up, in life, and in death, is part of me.

So I have been looking up daily, for if I want others to look up I better start looking also. The result is not always what I envisioned, so I learned from the changes as I wrote in the last blog. As of tonight I have made 11 drawings in various sizes, and 10 oil paintings in various sizes. One is 30x40 and 5 of them are 24x36 inches. I feel good about the work. There are still some challenges waiting me in the coming weeks trying to make additional alterations. This time I will have some images for you.

But we were not alone for on Saturday John and Affie Duifhuis visited us and we enjoyed good conversation, good food and saw lots of pictures. They brought flowers and wonderful fruit. They stayed ovenight in the driveway sleeping in their camper and the next morning we started all over again with breakfast. They left around noon I believe.

Attached will be: Cattle in Field, Foggy Day in the Foot Hill, Hill Near Lethbridge, Purple Hill, Slier of Light.

Greetings and Love to all

Chris and Greta

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