A Blog without Pictures….

This is Blog #9, and Today is Monday August 21, 2017. As stated above I have no new pictures to show you because things keep changing, but I am learning and recording many of these changes, but that would become boring and very technical. So let us just say, we are changing things and we are learning in the process of doing so.

Making changes is not easy, it requires rethinking what you thought, was good and consider other solutions, questions of color relationships, or fittingness with the major concepts, like the foot hills I am trying to capture in the morning sun. It is not so much he sun as the light coming from above in some manner and shines on one of the hills. I have been working on 6 larger works, 24 x36 inches, most of these have now been started and are in various degree of completion. Some of these I have visted daily and made modifications. But I am learning and exploring.

The weather has been good and we have had some good clouds, so I have enough subject matter to keep going for awhile. We take our breaks and I work more hours than I thought I could do, so the mountian air has been good for boh of us.

The company of brother John Duifhuis and his wife Affie was also good for us, catching up family and the various health issues. We had supper out at Chris’ Restaurant in Coleman. Food was good and the discussion was lively. They came with flowers on Saturday afternoon and stayed overnight in the back of the studio in their modified travel Van. We shared breakfast and after awhile they left to drive to Lethbridge for lunch with the family there.

Slowly on things are coming together, Things in Banff are firming up to do the workshop and we keep on pushing paint around with knife or brush.

Love to all and Peace Chris and Greta

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