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Blog # 6, August 11, 2017

Trying to keep up with the blog, means either doing it less often, like once a week, the pattern of my previous writing to all of you, or doing short once everyday. At this point I will not make any promises, the blog thing is an extra, my daily log has facts, things I worked on that day.

Looking back we have been doing lots of drawing, and doing some painting, but it takes time to get into it and the weather has been foggy. The fog has led to one work that deals with the greyness of the sky. Grey is a very unique color, and 19th century Dutch artists understood that, for according to a letter written by young Gerard Bilders. He was looking not for a grey of kitchen-maid dresses, but a grey that modifies all colors, so grey was a unique challenge to them and I too am not afraid of grey skies. The rich variety of color involved in making a rich grey remains a challenge for me. So here is a 24 x 36 inch image of a grey sky that is made up of, van Dyk brown, ultramarine blue, yellow ochre and some were also dioxide purple and white. So grey does not come in a tube, you have to mix it. For the mixing I prefer my mixing knife, for it keeps the colors clean

Light also is a factor for me, but I will write about it some other time. Here is a list of the works in progress as of this morning:

1. Foothills Near Glendive, MT drawing 6x6 in 2017 - 1467

2. County Road, Alberta drawing 4.5x6 in 2017 – 1468

3. Hill Near Lethbridge, AB drawing 4.5x6 in 2017 - 1469

4. Near Lundbrech, AB, drawing 6 x9 in 2017 - 1470

5. Foothills Near Glendive, MT oil ptg 10 x10 in 2017 - 1471

6. County Road, Alberta oil ptg. 12 x16 in 2017 - 1472

7. Hill Near Lethbridge, AB oil ptg. 9x12 in 2017 - 1473

8. Near Lundbrech, AB oil ptg. 24x36 in 2017 – 1474

9. Foggy Day in the Foot Hills drawing 12 x 7.5 in 2017- 1475

10. The Hill drawing 6X6 in 2017- 1476

11. Large cloud on Burmis Rd drawing 6x6 in 2017 - 1477

12. View from Burmis Rd drawing 12 x 7.5 in 2017 - 1478

Most of the drawings are done, the paintings are in various stages of completeness.

That is it for blog # 6

Peace to you all

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