A Good Start in the Gushul Studio

Blog # 5

It is cloudy today and not an inviting Saturday morning August 5, 2017. So we go somewhat slower. I am assuming that some of you have read the previous blogs. I would like to know, so send me a response of some kind. Yesterday we managed to put the first prime coat of color on about 12 panels or canvasses. They are still drying and should be OK sometime this afternoon. In the mean time I have been doing some drawing in preparation for each painting. Some of these images came from images I took while Paul was driving.

On Sunday we wanted to go exploring and managed to do that to some degree in the afternoon when the sky cleared and some clouds stayed. There is a haze hanging in the air and not everything is clear. We are not sure if that s dampness and coming rain or if it is smoke from the BC fires. There have been no fires nearby that we are aware of.

We alternate between resting and drawing now and I do not want to skip that important drawing step so we make drawings and I have four of them done so when Monday came I was ready to transfer the major images to the canvass. It feels good to be working.

I was able to start a small square painting of 10 x10 inches. It will be known as foothill-1

But I was on a role, so we also began with a smaller canvas of 9x12. Somehow it is a challenge to work this small in oil. After blocking in the colors of the clouds and sky I started yet another one, that one was 12 x 16 inches. It is good to be exploring different things and the foot hills are as good a subject around here. We do not have to go far away to find good material. Looking at those three the next morning I found them disappointing, so I will go revisit them very soon, but first I want to start a bigger one of 24x36 inches and that size feels good to me, so for now I am leaning towards doing work on a larger scale. It was good to be working, even though I feel tired when I take a break.

It all is a bit unreal for both of us to be here in this condition, still being able to work, and enjoy doing it. So we go on thankful and grateful. I will put a gallery on facebook with some of the images of our trip thus far. Peace to all.

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