On the Way

Blog #2

Sunday July 30. Happy birthday Sister Nell. And to all the other family members. We are well on the way now. This morning finds us in Glendive, Montana, in a motel. We left around 4:30 on Thursday afternoon and made it to Rockford, Illinois. On Friday we stopped at Paul’s place in St. Paul and visited with Lynn and enjoyed a good lunch with them. At this point Anika joined us for the rest of the trip. She is 12 now and very smart. So we ride together in the back while Mom and Paul sit up front. On Friday we stopped in Fargo, North Dakota driving close to 600 miles that day. Yesterday we made it to Glendive and for tonight we are hoping to connect with some friends of Paul in Lewistown. He may stay with them as will Anika.

We are eager to get organized in the studio and establish a working routine we can maintain which will include some down-time. The idea of doing a series of works on the “FootHills” is shaping up in my head as a I view the more rolling parts of the Prairie. Light and space will continue to inform my exploration. But first we will head for Lethbridge where we are invited for breakfast. After visiting with Mary Oordt and Ken Hicken and hs wife Alice we will drive to the studio to unload the van. Right after that we will head for Calgary to get Paul and Anika to the airport. We will stay in a motel that night and the next morning drive to Banff to bring them some of the paintings an check out the other spaces we will use to do a drawing workshop.

(This is an old village in Jamestown)

Phil and Amy did a great job producing a booklet of 26 pages on the subject of the Prophets, Priests and Kings.

It uses al the woodcuts I did in 1985/86 and the poems that Martin wrote to go with the images. They have been displayed together but now it is in a book format and it looks very impressive. Thanks Amy for an excellent layout. Thanks Phil for getting it all together.

(The Mississippi River Headwaters)

Our third blog will begin when we have returned safely to the Gushul Studio.

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