Chris Stoffel Overvoorde


Chris Stoffel was born in Capelle aan de IJssel, The Netherlands, trained as a metal worker and diesel mechanic, working on ocean liners in the harbor of Rotterdam until he departed for the USA in 1957.  


In Grand Rapids, he completed the Visual Arts program at Kendall School of Design and later attended the University of Michigan and received a BSD in 1964 and MFA degree in 1966. Chris married Greta Duifhuis in 1962 and we have four children and eight grandchildren.  He became a US citizen in 1966, which is also the year he began teaching at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


At Calvin Stoffel taught painting, printmaking, graphics, photography, drawing and the history of Dutch art.  He served as Chairman of the Art Department, was Director of Exhibitions, Curator, Director of Connections: A Baroque Festival Year , Director of the Multicultural Year , Director of Alarabara World Arts Series , and an Artist in Residence.


As an artist Overvoorde has been active as a graphic designer, painter, printmaker and as aworship environmentalist. In 1962, he received his first award and since then he has received over 30 awards, as well as participated in over 100 group, juried and invitational exhibitions throughout the Midwest. Chris has presented over 50 solo exhibitions in the USA, Canada and The Netherlands.


In 2003 Eerdmans Publishing produced Passing The Colors, a book in which he recall his journey as an immigrant, as a Christian and as an artist.   In 2004 the Grand Rapids Art Museum installed a retrospective exhibit: "Chris Stoffel Overvoorde, A Life in Art."   His works are present in many public and private collections including the Grand Rapids Art Museum and the Muskegon Museum of Art.   He is currently represented by Armstrong DeGraaf Fine Arts, Saugatuck, Michigan; Eyekons, Grand Rapids, Michigan; and The Willock & Sax Gallery of Fine Art in Banff, National Park, Alberta, Canada.