Chris Stoffel Overvoorde

November 24, 1934 - September 3, 2019

Chris was recently asked:   "What do you feel your legacy is?"                                             
                    He replied:    "Making people look up!



"A multidimensional artist, Overvoorde works with equal passion and dexterity in both painting and printmaking to create compelling abstract and figurative work, and both small and large scale landscape paintings. These pieces combine as one lifelong investigation and celebration of the spiritual life."


   Grand Rapids Art Museum,

   Chris Stoffel Overvoorde: A Life in Art,      

   Retrospective Exhibition, 2003



Landscapes "are a response to the technical problems of the landscape, or, actually, the cloudscape....I see in clouds their heavenly, cosmic aspect.  They give me a feeling of smallness. Many of my paintings have been very large, because in that way you become a participant in the painting. You actually experience a shrinkage; you become small in front of the vastness of the canvas."


   Chris Stoffel Overvoorde in Rob Schreur,    

   "Words and Works, Chris Stoffel Overvoorde,"     Dialogue (Calvin College Communications  

   Board Art Journal) vol.17, no.7, 24, 2012.